Custom Equipment

Skid Hoist Build Questionnaire (printable)

Truck Hoist Build Questionnaire (printable)

CESCO provides single drum hoisting equipment for line, antenna and boom installation, two and three drum hoists for tower erection.

Cable drum storage capacities vary from 1000 feet of 1/4" to 9000 feet of 3/4" wire rope.

Line pulls range from a few thousand pounds on the small winches to over 30 tons on large erection hoists.

Line speeds run from less than 100 FPM (feet per minute) to over 400 FPM for large erection hoists. Standard planetary winches as well as certified manlift rated winches are used.

Anti two block, line speed readouts and load measuring equipment are available as well.

Over twenty five optional accessories are available to help customize a hoist to the customer's particular needs.

Winches, hydraulic components, engines and other related hardware are readily field servicable because common U.S. manufactured parts are used.

CESCO also offers a variety of certified gin poles to meet your needs.

Additionally, we rent hoists and gin poles (available for rent together or separately).

For information concerning any of the above, contact CESCO.